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Awards Committe-EB: AC
Albumin  Assay in Urine Standardization - SD: WG-SAU
Apolipoproteins by Mass Spectrometry - SD: WG-APO MS
Autoimmune Tests Harmonization - SD: C-HAT
Artificial Intelligence and Genomic Diagnostics - ETD: WG-AIGD


Bone Markers Assays - SD: WG-BMA

Calendar of Events
Call for Nominations
Cancer Genomics - EMD: WG CG
Carbohydrate Deficient Transferrin Standardization - SD: WG-CDT

Cardiac Biomarkers Application - Committee - EMD: C-CB
Cell free DNA - SD: WG-cfDNA
Clinical Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Proteomics - SD: WG-cMSP
Chronic Kidney Disease - Committee - EMD: C-CKD
Communications and Publications Division
Commutability - SD: WG-C
Congresses and Conferences Committee - EB: CC-C
Continuous Glucose Monitoring - SD WG-CGM
CSF Proteins - SD: WG-CSF
COVID-19 Resources

Diagnostico in Vitro - DiV
Distance Learning: Webinars and Programmes

eLearning/eAcademy - TF-GEL
Education and Management Division
Education in the Use of Biomarkers in Diabetes - EMD: C-EUBD
Emerging Technologies Division
Emerging Technologies in Pediatrics Laboratory Medicine - ETD: C-ETPLM
Ethics - Task Force - EB: TF-E

EQAS for Reference Laboratories (RELA)
Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine - EMD: C-EBLM
eNews - CPD: WG eNews

Fecal Immunochemical Testing - SD: WG-FIT
Flow Cytometry Courses - EMD: WG-FC
Finance Advisory Committee - EB: FC

Guidance for the Implementation of Custom-made Genomic Panels ETD WG-GCP
Glucose POCT Quality Specifications CLOSED- EMD: C-POCT (WG-POCT)
Growth Hormone - SD: WG-GH
Global Newborn Screening Joint TF IFCC and International Society of Newborn Screening (ISNS) TF-NBS
Global Lab Quality - TF-GLQ
Global eLearning/eAcademy - TF-GEL

Harmonisation of Interpretive Comments EQA EMD: WG-ICQA
HbA1c - Task Force CLOSED - EB: TF-HbA1c
Hemoglobin A2 Standardization - SD: WG-HbA2
History - Task Force on History - EB TF-H
How should Glucose Meters be Evaluated in Critical Care - EMD: C-POCT (WG-GMECC)

Internet and eLearning - CPD: C-IeL
Insulin Assays Standardization - SD: WG-SIA
Ibero-American Nomenclature and Translations - CPD: WG-IANT
Immunosuppressive Drugs - SD: WG-ID


electronic Journal of the IFCC

Lab Errors and Patient Safety - EMD: WG-LEPS

Membership of IFCC
Metabolomics - ETD: WG-M
Method Evaluation Protocols - ETD: WG-MEP
Molecular Diagnostics - SD: C-MD
Metrology Joint Committee - SD
Molecular Biology (Clinical) Curriculum - EMD: C-CMBC
Management of the Clinical Laboratory- EMD: C-CLM
Mentoring Programme - EMD: MENT
Mobile Health and Bioengineering in Laboratory Medicine - ETD C-MHBLM
Milestones 2002- 2020

Natriuretic Peptide
Nomenclature for Properties and Units - SD: C-NPU
Newsletter (electronic) IFCC eNews
Nominations  Committee - EB: NC
Newborn Screening Joint TF IFCC and International Society of Newborn Screening (ISNS) TF-NBS


Paediatrics - Committee on Emerging Technologies in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine ETD C-ETPLM
Pancreatic Enzymes - SD: WG-PE
Parathyroid Hormone - SD: WG-PTH
Pharmacogenetics -Task Force - EB: TF-PG 
Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein A Standardization - SD: WG-PAPPA
Procalcitonin - SD: WG-PCT
Proficiency Testing: Committee - EMD C-PT
Professional Scientific Exchange Programmes PEPs - EMD
Public Relations - CPD: C-PR
Point of Care Testing - Committee - EMD: C-POCT 

Quality Competence in Medical Laboratory Development - EMD: WG-DQCML
Quality (Analytical) - EMD: C-AQ

Reference Materials - SD 
Reference Intervals and Decision Limits - SD: C-RIDL
Register of Experts
Rincon Iberoamericano - CPD: RIA

Scientific Division
Speaker's Bureau - EMD
Single Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics (WG-SCST)

Task Force on Ethics - TF-E 
Task Force for Young Scientists - TF-YS
Task Force on History - EB TF-H
Task Force on COVID-19 - Joint Task Force IFCC-EFLM-AACC
Task Force on Global Newborn Screening Joint TF IFCC and International Society of Newborn Screening (ISNS) TF-NBS
Task Force on Global Lab Quality - TF-GLQ
Taskforce on Global eLearning/eAcademy - TF-GEL
Traceability in Laboratory Medicine - SD: C-TLM
Thyroid function Test Standardization - SD: C-STFT
Troponin I Standardization - SD: WG-TNI
Contemporary Cardiac Troponin I and T Assay Analytical Characteristics Designated By Manufacturer v062019

Visiting Lecturer Program - EMD - project
Vitamin Standardization Program - SD: WG-Vit D
Volatolomics - ETD: WG-Vol

Webinars submission form

Young Scientists - Task Force - EB: TF-YS

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