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Finance Advisory Committee


All the IFCC activities are financed through the IFCC Treasury. An important source of income for the Federation is membership fees. Although the Federation has no category of individual personal membership, the contributions from the Full Member Societies are based on their number of individual members. Corporate Members also contribute significantly to the Federation and their dues are based on the world-wide turnover of the company's business in the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Affiliate Members pay modest membership dues to IFCC. Careful investment of the reserve funds has become an important source of income. Congresses sponsored by the IFCC make valuable contributions to the revenue of the Federation, with the local organisers and IFCC sharing the surplus.

On several occasions IFCC has received grants from various sources for special assignments. Corporate Members have sponsored several IFCC activities, including the Visiting Lecture Programme, various conferences and workshops.

The scientific and administrative work carried out for IFCC is provided on a voluntary basis, and the financial value of resources put into IFCC by individuals and their employers does not show in the accounts of the Federation. Without this indirect and significant support from the Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine community, the work of IFCC could not be possible. Much of this scientific and administrative work is carried out by mail, FAX or E-mail, but occasional meetings are necessary. Travel costs represent a significant expenditure since it is general policy to select specialists from many different countries, reflecting the international quality of the Federation. The IFCC Office and its activities are supported from its own resources.

The legal domicile of the Federation is in Switzerland and therefore all financial transactions are carried out in Swiss Francs (CHF). The income is handled by various banks to maximize investment income and the turnaround time of of expense claims.




Members of Finance Advisory Committee

The IFCC Treasurer chairs the Financial Advisory Committee, members are: the President, the Secretary and in 2023 also the President-elect will be a FAC Member.For the period 2021-2023 members of the Financial Advisory Committee are:


Prof. Alexander HALIASSOS
ESEAP - Greek Proficiency Testing Scheme
for Clinical Laboratories
GR-106 76 Athens - Greece

Prof. Khosrow ADELI
Pediatric Laboratory Medicine
The Hospital for Sick Children
University of Toronto
Ontario M5G 1X8 - Canada

Alberta Centre for Toxicology
University of Calgary
Alberta T2N 4N1 – Canada

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