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IFCC-Abbott Visiting Lecturer Programme (VLP)




The IFCC-Abbott Visiting Lecturer Programme is a tool to facilitate international educational exchanges within IFCC.


The IFCC-Abbott Visiting Lecturer Programme (VLP) is a tool to support the international exchange of lecturers and aims to facilitate international educational exchanges within the IFCC.

The sections below provide essential information for the applicants and we recommend that you take the time to read them before submitting your applications to the IFCC Office

Operational Plan

To make the VLP as productive, efficient, and collaborative as possible, VLP operations have been updated with expanded options.
The new functionality of the VLP provides national societies and regional associations the following three routes, allowing them to choose the one that best suits their needs:

1. In-person lectures
Continuation of the traditional way and coverage of the travel expenses.

2. Virtual lectures
Two possible options are available:

2.a. Flexible arrangement
VLP speakers deliver their presentations either live or in a recorded form, using the platform provided by the hosting society.  

2.b. Support for interactive sessions
VLP speakers deliver their presentations either live or in a recorded form, using the WorkCast platform. In this case, the cost for the platform is covered by the IFCC. 

Application procedure

  • Download the Application Forms(In-person VLP )  (Virtual VLP)
  • Applications must be submitted only when the lecturers have accepted the invitation of the member association. Clear evidence of their acceptance is requested (e-mail, letter, etc.).
  • Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year and must be submitted at least 4 months before the proposed visit to ensure adequate time for review.

Selection of speakers

  • Society should select its speaker(s)
  • For assistance please refer to the Speakers Bureau.


  • Each member association (full or affiliate) may apply for up to a maximum of three (3) Visiting Lecturers once every year.
  • Each Visiting Lecturer should deliver at least two lectures or one lecture and one workshop.
  • Each presenter may be asked to record a lecture (~ 20 minutes) for inclusion in the IFCC eAcademy; this should preferably be completed before the visit.

Travel and accommodation

  • IFCC will fund only economy travel and visa fees of the Visiting Lecturer to a maximum of 2.500 CHF per speaker and 5.000 CHF per application.
  • The National Society will provide hotel accommodation, meals and local transportation.

Approval of application

  • Approval will be made by the Chair of the VLP and the EMD Executive Committee.


  • Both the National Society and the IFCC-Abbott Visiting Lecturer shall complete the appropriate survey forms and submit a brief report to the Chair of the IFCC VLP within one month of the IFCC-Abbott Visiting Lecturer's visit.

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For further clarifications, please contact the IFCC office

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Chair of Visiting Lecturer Programme



Prof. Sedef YENICE 
Demiroğlu Bilim University and
Gayrettepe Florence Nightingale Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey 34349

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