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Growth Hormone (WG-hGH)


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
M. Vos Chair NL 1st  2021 01 - 2023 12
C. Arsene Member DE    
E. Lentjes Member NL    
M. Quaglia Member  UK    
C. Sturgeon Member  UK    
J.S. Blanchet  Member/Beckman Coulter FR    
Z. Yan Member/Maccura CN    
O. Lorenz Member/Roche DE    
C. Weykamp  Consultant NL    
C. Cobbaert Consultant NL    



Terms of Reference

  • To establish a higher order Reference Measurement System for enabling hGH standardization of commercial IVDs, encompassing both the development of Reference Materials and a harmonized Reference Measurement Procedure. The RMP should be set-up in at least two calibration labs, and preferentially in a network of calibration labs.


Current projects

  1. Defining the accuracy base for hGH standardization in order to establish a complete and sustainable Reference Measurement System.
  2. Developing an MS-based Reference Measurement Procedure for the measurement of hGH which allows an operational definition of the relevant measurand, according to the matching calibration hierarchy described in ISO 17511:2020. The reference method should meet relevant ISO standards (i.e., ISO 15195) and its performance should be validated. In the end, it should be IFCC endorsed and also listed in the JCTLM database.
  3. Establish the suitability of recombinant human growth hormone preparations as primary reference material with appropriate properties.
  4. Establish the performance of commercially available hGH assays compared to the MS-based RMP using single donation samples (from sporters) and the effect of using a common primary reference material or serum pools on between method agreement.
  5. Determination of the effect of freeze/thawing on measured hGH (a requirement to establish the validity of materials for 4. above).



List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

Name Full and Affiliate Member Societies
Lyn Boscato Australasian Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (AACB)
Guzin Aykal Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)


List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Corporate Members

Name Corporate Members
Hideaki Okura ABBOTT
Neil Parker SIEMENS Healthcare Diagnostics



Working Group Chair's contact

Dr. Michel J. VOS
Special Chemistry Laboratory
The Netherlands

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