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1952 - 2022: IFCC Celebrates 70 years



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IFCC 70th Anniversary Video



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IFCC membership

do you know IFCC membership? do you know when Biochemical Societies became IFCC members?

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Many thanks to the committment and efforts of Dr. Maria del Carmen Pasquel GENERAL COORDINATOR Dr. María Schroeder-Castagno Co-COORDINATOR, Dr. Maria del Patrocinio Chueca and Dr. Raul Girardi, EDITORIAL BOARD and to the many who contributed to this magazine.





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Click here to see the updated IFCC Milestones 2002- 2022



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We publish some interviews delineating the many outstanding achievements of the IFCC over the past decades, the enormous achievements, the many important milestones that have been accomplished contributing to the IFCC’s mission of “Advancing excellence in laboratory medicine for better healthcare worldwide”. These achievements have not only contributed to the growth of the IFCC but have had an important impact on advancing the science of laboratory medicine and in vitro diagnostics around the world. The future holds considerable promise for the IFCC organization and its family of national societies and corporate members. The strong foundation built by thousands of IFCC officers over the past decades will ensure the IFCC’s continued journey towards global leadership in laboratory medicine, contributing to its most valuable mission of improving clinical decision making and better healthcare worldwide.

See the Video interview between Dr Maria del Carmen Pasquel and Prof Adeli, IFCC President



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Happy Birthday IFCC!

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