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IFCC-STBC Conference


Organized by "Société Tunisienne de Biologie Clinique - STBC"

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01  February  2019

Chairs: Dr. David Kinniburgh (Canada), Prof. Abderrazek Hedhili (Tunisia)
Vitamin D to improve health outcomes
Prof. Howard Morris (Australia)

Circulating tumor DNA: A promsising biomarker in the liquid biopsy of cancer
Prof. Maurizio Ferrari (Italy)

Chairs: Dr. Ann Gronowski (USA), Dr. Naziha Kaabachi (Tunisia)
Validation of prostate cancer biomarkers and inflammation: A proteomic study
Prof. Tomris Ozben (Turkey)

Use of POCT for glycated haemoglobin measurement for diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetics in Africa
Prof. Adekunle Bashiru  Okesina (Nigeria)

Role of genetic markers in clinial expression variability of mucoviscidosis in Tunisia
Dr.  Hadj Fredj Sondess (Tunisia)  

Molecular and functional study of the autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome in highly consanguineous populations
Dr. Imen Ben Mustapha (Tunisia) 

Chairs: Dr. Sunil Sethi, Slama Hmida
Biological variation
Prof. Sverre Sandberg (Norway)

Who or what is SHERLOCK ?
Dr. Ann Gronowski (USA)

Laboratory accreditation experience in LATAM
Dr. Rosa Sierra-Amor (Mexico)

How to improve outcomes in diabetes? By combining technology, digital solutions
and scientific approaches to change patient behavior
Dr. Rolf Hinzmann (Germany)

Standardization and harmonization in laboratory medicine
Prof. Howard Morris (Australia)

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