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IFCC Executive Board: 2015-2017 Biographies

Prof. Sergio BERNARDINI, Secretary

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Docent, Clinical biochemist,
Viale Tito Labieno 122
00174 Rome
Tel: +39 06 20902262
Fax: +39 06 20902357

Professor Sergio Bernardini, (MD, PhD), is a full professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology at the Department of Internal Medicine of The University of Rome Tor Vergata, and the head physician of the Clinical Molecular Biology Unit at the Tor Vergata University Hospital.

He received his degree in Medicine in 1986 and the PhD in Paediatric Sciences in 1995. He has specialized in Paediatrics (1990) and in Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry (1998).

Professor Bernardini serves as the president of the undergraduate course in "Diagnostic laboratory techniques in the medical field" and as a clinical laboratory research consultant with Bambino Gesu' Children's Hospital in Rome.

He is a member of (1) the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry (SiBioC), (2) the SiBioC Committee of Clinical Molecular Biology, (3) the Italian Society of Biochemistry (SIB) and (4) the Italian Society of Allergology and Immunology (SIAIC). His international activities include membership of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.

Prof Bernardini served his first term on IFCC EB between 2012 and 2014 as IFCC Secretary.

As a professor he has several teaching responsibilities including a Bachelor's course in diagnostic laboratory techniques in the medical field, degree courses in medicine, medical biotechnologies, movement sciences and postgraduate courses in Clinical Biochemistry, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Medical Genetics, Allergology and Immunology, and Paediatrics. Professor Bernardini's research interests are diverse in nature and have included work in paediatric endocrinology with particular interest in growth hormone and insulin like growth factors and their binding proteins. He has also worked on apoptotic pathways in oncology, in particular neuroblastoma, as well as on glutathione transferases, a family of enzymes involved in cell detoxification and in the control of the programmed cell death. Also, he has collaborated in the application of molecular biology and proteomic methods and techniques in research applied to neurodegenerative diseases, oncology and pharmacogenetics. Since 2009 he has collaborated in the application of molecular biology and biochemical methods to monitoring of sport training and performance.

Sergio is married to Elisabetta since 1998 and has a son, Andrew 21 years old, and a daughter Marta aged 19. His personal interests include football, theatre and travelling.

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