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IFCC Executive Board: 2009-2011 Biographies

Prof. Päivi LAITINEN, Secretary


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Head Chemist, docent
HUSLAB Clinical chemistry and haematology
P.O. Box 340
Haartmaninkatu 4
00290 Helsinki


Päivi Laitinen, PhD is a clinical biochemist in the Laboratory of Oulu University Hospital, Oulu Finland where she is responsible for endocrinology and toxicology. She also has also been a lecturer in clinical chemistry in the Oulu University and in the Institute of Health and Social Care in Oulu. She obtained her PhD degree in Biochemistry in 1986 and MS in Health Care Administration in 2002 from Oulu University. She received her specialist training in clinical biochemistry in Tampere University Hospital, Tampere Finland. In 2003 she was appointed a Docent in Clinical Biochemistry in the Oulu University.
Dr. Laitinen has been an active member of the Finnish Society of Clinical Chemistry since 1987, and has served as a member of its Board (1992-1995), Vice President (1996-1997) and President (1998-2002). She has also had other activities in Finland including serving as a member the Board of Labquality LTD. 1998-2002, a chairman of the Finnish Clinical Chemistry Register Committee (EC4) 1998-2002, a member of the editorial board of KliinLab (2002- ), a member of the working group on laboratory nomenclature of the Finnish Union of Counties since 1999, and a member of the expert group on prenatal screening in the Ministry of Social and Health Care in 2008.
Her international activities include memberships of several boards. She has been a member at-large of the Scandinavian Society of Clinical Chemistry 1998-2007, member at-large of the Board of the European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry (EC4) (2003-2005) and a member of the IFCC Awards Committee 2003-2005. She has also been a member of the Scientific or Scientific Advisory Committees of several international congresses of clinical chemistry. At present she also serves on several working groups of EFCC.
Dr. Laitinen started her scientific research on polyamine metabolism. At present, her main interests include prenatal screening, first and second maternal trimester screening for Down syndrome.
In addition to her professional interests, Dr. Laitinen has served as a technical assessor for the Finnish Accreditation Service. She is also a Change Laboratory coach (Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research of Helsinki University) and she has led a Change Laboratory project (development of work process of laboratory) in her laboratory. Her personal interests include aerobics, jogging, gardening, down-hill and crosscountry skiing, theatre,  handicraft, and enjoying her new grandson Benjamin.

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