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IFCC Executive Board: 2012-2014 Biographies

Dr. Bernard GOUGET, Treasurer

Dr. Bernard GOUGET

Fédération Hospitalière de France
Univ. Paris V
1 bis Rue Cabanis
75993 - Paris
Cedex 14
Tel: +33 1 440 68444/8470
Fax: +33 1 440 68445
Mobile: +33 6 0883 4604

Dr. Bernard Gouget, Ph.D. is assistant Professor at the University Hospital in Paris Descartes.  He also  is a Counsellor for public health at the Fédération Hospitalière de France where he is responsible for monitoring  national programmes involving the growing challenges facing public hospitals and the health and safety of the patient. He also has served as a Project Manager for pharmaceutical and medical expertise. Dr. Gouget has also served as a member of the steering committee in charge of the French reform of the medical laboratories, a expert in medical biology for the European Union at the Ministry of health level,  and as a member of the COFRAC-WG charged with writing the Rules of Accreditation for medical laboratories,
Other positions include serving as Mission Coordinator at the Medical Policy Directorate, Manager of Laboratory Projects at the National Centre for Hospital Expertise (CNEH), as Deputy Director of the clinical laboratory at general hospitals, and Section Head of the  emergency laboratory at the Necker Children University Hospital in Paris.

Academically, Dr. Gouget has received a Diploma and a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Paris V, a Master in Human Biology from the University of Paris I, a DEA in Science from the University of Paris XII, a DEA in Health economy and a thesis in Public Health. He was nominated to the list of approved hospitals directors in 1995. His professional and research interests include organ physiology in intensive care, the adaptation of health care services to required standards of patient care, nosocomial infections, chronic diseases, biomedicine and ethics, patient safety, pandemics, bioterrorism and illnesses related to unhealthy lifestyles.

Dr. Gouget has been very active in National, Regional, and International organizations including serving as a representative of SFBC-EFCC and as a member of the FESCC scientific advisory committee. He is currently the chair of the EFCC Working Group on Communication, e-Newsletter and Distance Learning. He has been active in the IFCC serving as a member of the Publications Division, Chair of the IFCC Communications and Publications Division (CPD), and as an associate member of the Working Group on Biosensors and Blood Gases (POCT). Currently, he serves as the acting Deputy General Secretary at the International Francophone Federation of Clinical Biology and Laboratory Medicine created by the French speaking and Euro-Mediterranean countries to reinforce the international network of laboratory scientists within IFCC.

Dr. Gouget has published widely and has edited or co-edited a number of publications including the Proceedings of Journées de Biologie Clinique-Institut Pasteur, a SFBC monograph on Instrumentation for Clinical Biochemistry, a special issue on Nanotechnologies in the Revue Europeénne de Biotechnologies Medicales (IRBM), and a number of IFCC monographs. He has served on the Editorial Board of a number of  French journals and magazines in the field of laboratory medicine. Currently, he is a member  of the editorial Board of Lab Medica International. He has lectured at a number of National, Regional, and International  meetings, conferences, and congresses and has served on a number of international scientific advisory boards.  In 2001, he was awarded with the AACC International travel fellowship award.

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