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Task Force on the Impact of Laboratory Medicine on Clinical Management and Outcomes (TF-ICO)

Membership (Closed in 2014)

Name Position Country Term Time in Office
M. Hallworth Chair UK 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
C.R. Fantz Member US 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
T. Higgins Member CA 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
E. Kilpatrick Member UK 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
S. Rana Member IN 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
F. Vanstapel Member BE 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
C. Ebert Corp. Rep./Roche DE 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
S. Faye Corp. Rep./Beckman Coulter UK 1st 2012 06 - 2014 12
P. Epner Consultant US
W. Li Consultant US
P. Gillery SD Liaison FR

Terms of Reference

  1. Evaluate the available evidence supporting the impact of laboratory medicine in healthcare (a critical review of published literature) with a focus on data published since 2007.
  2. Develop the study design for new retrospective and prospective studies to generate evidence-based data to support IFCC promotional activities to the healthcare community and the public.

Outcomes & Resources

The TF-ICO has completed the remit in their original Terms of Reference but the topic of outcomes research remains of considerable importance to IFCC, and it will be incorporated into IFCC's ongoing agenda.
The results of the TF-ICO work were presented in Istanbul WorldLab in 2015, and at Euromedlab in Paris in June 2015.
Mike Hallworth's 2015 presentation is available for download here.
The TF-ICO prepared a special themed issue of the eJIFCC on the topic of how labs can improve clinical outcomes, including a series of articles written by Mario Plebani, Joanne Callen, Patrick Bossuyt, Bruce Jordan (Roche), Howard Morris and Danielle Freedman, plus a covering editorial by Mike Hallworth.

List of addresses

Dr. Mike Hallworth
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Royal Shrewsbury Hospital
Mytton Oak Road
Shropshire SY3 8XQ, UK
Tel: +44 1743 261157
Fax: +44 1743 261159

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