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Happy Laboratory Professionals Week 2021!

The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) celebrates the Laboratory Professionals Week on 18-24 April 2021, highlighting the work of the medical laboratory and the significance of the role of medical laboratory professionals, especially in this time of the pandemic.

Watch the videos and see the commitment and the contribution of the Laboratory Medicine to the fight to the COVID 19. Attend the webinars and join the Professionals Lab Community!

Prof. Khosrow Adeli (CA), IFCC President

IFCC Scientists from all over the world



2021 Laboratory Professional Week
Friday, April 23, 2021 - 2:00–3:30 pm CAT

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Meeting ID: 915 0079 7934
Passcode: 133940

Sociedad Chilena de Química Clínica (SCHQC)
(In Spanish with English subtitles)


Dr Ana Lena, COLABIOCLI Representative at IFCC Executive Board (in Spanish)

Malawi Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (MAMLS)

Dr Barnali Das (IN) - IFCC SD Member

Dr Maria Elizabeth Menezes-SBAC National Representative 
Dr Luis Fernando Barcelos - SBAC Chair
Dr Mauren Isfer-Councelor Paraná -SBAC
(In Portuguese)

Video by Dr M. Ibarz, SEQClm Member, Hospital Universitari Arnaud de Vilanova
Lleida - Spain 
(in English)

Video by Dr Imma Caballé - President of the Sociedad Española de Medicina de Laboratorio (SEQCML)(in Spanish)

Video by Dr Gabriel Lima Oliveira,
WG eJIFCC member 

Video by the Sociedad Española de Medicina de Laboratorio (SEQCML)

Webinar organized by the Clinical Chemists Association of Kenya

Video by dr Josep Miquel Bauça Rossello,
SEQClm member
Interview with Tricia H. Ravalico, CPD Corporate Representative and IFCC Task Force for Corporate Members Chair, and Colleen Strain, Manager, Scientific Leadership and Education, Core Diagnostics Abbott
Video by the Laboratory Medicine Association of Georgia  (GLMA)

Asociación de Químicos Biólogos de Guatemala
(in Spanish)

Video by the Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry (JSCC)

ideo of the Zimbabwe Association of Clinical Biochemists (ZACB)

Zimbabwe Association of Clinical Biochemists (ZACB) Webinar
24 April, 10am-2pm

The new Serological Marker for COVID-19 under Global Vaccination
21 April 2021 Zoom Conference South African Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (SAACB)

Video by Dr Álvaro González,
SEQClm Member
(in Spanish)

Video by Dr Alvaro Justiniano Grosz and Tarija profesionales (Bolivia)
(in Spanish) 

Video by the
Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)



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